I have been asked to reflect on blogging by David Hill at Liverpool University as a contribution to a session being run there on ‘Digital Literacies’.

When I wrote for a student newspaper at the University of York, I found that there was limitation on the things which I was and was not allowed to write. Not that the editors were being ‘unreasonable’, but quite simply that they had the perogative to publish (or not publish) certain arguments and as such were operating a powerful control on my writing through their policing of appearance (something akin to Ranciere’s distribution of the sensible). For this reason, I started ‘blogging’ alongside.

But in the beginning it seemed that no-one was really interested in what I had to say and as such blogging appeared to me as a severly narcissistic practice. Why should anyone read my blog? Was I not contributing to an online culture in which everyone had something to say but nobody…

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